We couldn’t be more excited to reboot the MetaProp Accelerator at Columbia University with a new cohort this September. PropTech has come a long way since MetaProp first started investing in 2015. Though some challenges remain from the past year, many segments of the industry have seen rapid growth in the aftermath of 2020’s COVID-19 surge. We see this as a uniquely powerful time to be disrupting PropTech, and are excited to invest our time and resources into some of its emerging leaders once again.

Some things to know about the MetaProp program: We invest in people. We know that businesses may change, but high-caliber founders tend to stay that way. We have found that the best MetaProp Accelerator companies have full-time teams working on the problem, are confident in their TAM (Total Addressable Market) and product/market fit, and are ready to start selling into real estate. 

The results can speak for themselves: From the approximately 30 startups MetaProp has accelerated to date, five have already undergone successful exits from acquirers including, Hello Alfred and Building Engines. Over $200m in follow-on investment has been raised to date by our accelerator classes. Some program alumni have gone on to raise large growth rounds, such as Bowery Valuation’s recent Series B

To cap off another busy recruiting season, we’re highlighting the experiences of a few of the founders who have successfully graduated from previous MetaProp programs. Their perspectives perfectly crystallize what makes the Metaprop Accelerator at Columbia University uniquely impactful to PropTech innovators.

Applications for this year’s accelerator program are now open through August 15th - apply here!

What have you been able to achieve since joining the MetaProp Accelerator at Columbia University?

Complete platform redesign, launching a second product line in the Saas field, endless connections with companies with aggregate value of millions of dollars, and 800% revenue growth.

Manuela Seve, Alpha’a

We launched a new product. Grew rev more than 10x. Hired engineers and support team and have made huge strides in building a brand.

Vincent Harris, Hoozip

Since joining, we've been able to 3x our team and grow sales by 4x. In 2020, we were recognized as one of the top Growth Startups by Canadian Business magazine.

Mike Van, Furnishr

Our primary goal in the program is to help integrate startups in the cohort into the broader real estate community. Direct interactions with the large businesses and influential leaders that power the industry are lifeblood for innovative young companies and a core part of our program. As our network of investors and sponsors has grown over the years, so too have the opportunities for our companies.

What did you expect going into the program, and how well did it measure up?

I just expected to learn how to sell into the residential real estate space but I learned so much more. Building a team, how to really sell, build a sales funnel, how to be a better leader are just some of the things that I learned more about, in addition to meeting leaders in residential real estate in NYC.

Ali Khaloo, Aren

I expected the traditional workshop format: learning organizational skills, organizing decks, etc. The program was so much more practical, most of the sessions were conducted with actual prospects (massive groups like Related, RXR, etc.) or possible future investors.

Manuela Seve, Alpha’a

We needed seed capital and access to the institutional real estate community. MetaProp provided both.

Vincent Harris, Hoozip

After the COVID-19 pandemic transitioned many careers to home and pushed teams to collaborate from different locations, we are now able to see the new opportunities offered by distributed work. This year’s hybrid program is welcoming founders from all over the world for a virtual and in-person experience that will combine impactful pitch and networking opportunities in New York City with the flexibility to stay focused on their teams and businesses. 

What surprised you the most about your experience participating in the MetaProp Accelerator at Columbia University? Any highlights or moments from the program itself that stand out in your memory?

Despite not being in a "full-time" accelerator, we were able to gain a lot out of the Accelerator while still growing our day-to-day operations. The spacing between sessions allowed us to be able to digest the content, implement, and come back to the next session with learnings and more questions.

Mike Van, Furnishr

For sure the highlight was the pitch night in Manhattan, where we had a packed room full of people from the industry. That night put us on the map, and we used the momentum to spread the word out and be more aggressive in both gaining traction and getting in front of VCs for our fundraising.

Ali Khaloo, Aren

As a founder, having the MetaProp 'stamp' has given me a certain level of credibility (and access) in this community that would've been very difficult to achieve otherwise.

Vincent Harris, Hoozip

This year, we’re doubling down on some of MetaProp’s core values in the startups we select. We are specifically looking to invest in businesses that impact crucial global issues like environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and access to affordable housing as key pillars of their business models. 

It is equally critical to us to have a diverse group of CEOs with varied backgrounds and experiences. For a cohort to be successful, we need each CEO to bring a unique perspective to the table. With our open applications, we’re inviting every founder to engage with us on a level playing field. If you are a founder from an underrepresented community currently starting a PropTech company, please reach out to us! We would love to connect with you and find ways to support your business.

What would you tell someone who’s considering joining the MetaProp Accelerator at Columbia University?

For any early-stage startup (Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A) in PropTech, ConstructionTech, and InfraTech I highly recommend this program.

Ali Khaloo, Aren

Do it.

Vincent Harris, Hoozip

Applications for the 2021 MetaProp Accelerator at Columbia University are open through August 15th - head over to to submit!

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