MetaProp is the world’s leading venture capital firm focused on the PropTech industry.

Founded in 2015, MetaProp’s investment team has invested in over 150 technology companies across the real estate value chain.

The firm manages funds for both financial and strategic real estate investors that represent a pilot- and test-ready sandbox of 20+ billion square feet across every real estate asset type and global market.


At MetaProp we do things the right way. These are the values that drive our every move.

Founders First.

We back people, not companies.

We place our bets on people and idea(l)s. The dreamers and builders, the doers and fighters. Come to us, we’ve been looking for you.

Diversity Wins.

We’re all different and we love it.

We grow stronger through Diversity. We embrace diversity of people, experiences, ideas and opinions. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. We know a culture of diversity leads to the best talent, investment, and partnership opportunities.

The Power of Community.

We’re stronger together.

We believe our Community is the ultimate multiplier and we take a community building approach to everything we do. From the way invest to the way we hire to the way we give back. Creating a collaborative environment for our entrepreneurs and our business partners is how we build.

Integrity. Every Time.

We do the right thing, because we want to.

We believe in growing our business with integrity. We want the best outcome for all our stakeholders and for ourselves and we understand there’s only one way to get there. The ethical way.

Long-Term Partnerships.

Together today, together tomorrow.

We know we can’t do this alone. Our partners are our lifeblood and a crucial part of the ecosystem we have built. We seek to foster long-term relationships with the most forward thinking and committed people and institutions, for the benefit of the larger ecosystem and our portfolio Founders.

Entrepreneurial Spirit.

We do more with less.

We’re entrepreneurial at heart. We understand what businesses need to grow because we’ve been entrepreneurs ourselves. Our entrepreneurial mindset, underpinned by our corporate experience, is our 1-2 punch.

Forever Improving.

Great today, greater tomorrow.

We’re obsessed with Continuous Improvement, Quality and Innovation. We commit to excellence and hold ourselves accountable for results. We approach everything we do with discipline, rigor and a curious mind. We recognize our failures and learn from our mistakes.

Our Team


Zach Aarons

Co-Founder & General Partner

Aaron Block

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Zak Schwarzman

General Partner

Tom Cashel

Chief Financial Officer

Satoshi Murakami

Regional Director, Asia Pacific

Sage Shamsai


Evan Petitt


Amanda Amrein

Associate Director

Jackson Feder


Wes Mizell


MetaProp Venture Advisors

Maria Seredina

Venture Advisor

Jerry Coleman

Venture Advisor


MetaProp is a proud signatory of The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge, which aims to rally the business community to advance diversity & inclusion within the workplace by working collectively across organizations and sectors. Learn more here.

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Since day one we have been at the forefront of PropTech. Check out some of our proudest moments in this comprehensive timeline of MetaProp's milestones throughout the years.

MetaProp is founded

Mar, 2015

Innovation Conversations debut

Jul, 2015

First Accelerator launches

Aug, 2015

MetaProp's mentor program, known as the "RE200", is launched

Aug, 2015

NYC Real Estate Tech Week launches

Oct, 2015

The First cohort of the MetaProp Accelerator graduates at the first Demo Day

Feb, 2016

MetaProp Advisors launches

Feb, 2016

First Global PropTech Confidence Index is published


Jun, 2016

Zak Schwarzman joins METAPROP as General Partner

Sep, 2016


Nov, 2016

The MetaPropCast launches

Dec, 2016

MetaProp Pre-Accelerator @ Columbia University launches

Apr, 2017

Fund I

Jun, 2017

Global PropTech Awards debut

Nov, 2017

MetaProp Bridge @ Columbia University launches

Apr, 2018

Elie Finegold joins as Venture Advisor

May, 2018

Fund II

Jun, 2018

PropTech Place opens in NYC

Jan, 2019

PropTech 101 is published

Feb, 2019

MetaProp launches Executive Resource Groups (ERGs) for portfolio company executives

Aug, 2019

Maria Seredina joins as Venture Advisor

Sep, 2019

MetaProp wins the 2019 REFI Player of the Year Award in the PropTech category

Nov, 2019

Jerry Coleman joins as Venture Advisor

Nov, 2019

Aaron Block wins the 2019 Commercial Property Executive Innovator of the Year Award

Jan, 2020

Attentive Becomes a Unicorn following $230 million Series D at $2.2 billion valuation

Sep, 2020

Tenth Global PropTech Confidence Index is published

Mar, 2021

Side Becomes a Unicorn Following a $150M Series D at $1B valuation


Mar, 2021

PropTech in China is published

May, 2021

Fund III

Jun, 2021

Zach Aarons named to Business Insider Seed 100 list


May, 2022

Satoshi Murakami joins MetaProp as Director of APAC

Aug, 2022

Cross-Border PropTech Research Findings is published

Oct, 2022

ESG Research Findings is published


Nov, 2022

Jeff Schacher joins as Venture Advisor


Jan, 2023

MetaProp APAC Scout Program launches


Feb, 2023

The Impact of Generative AI in Real Estate is published


Mar, 2023

Innagrual MetaProp Founders Summit, presented by PwC


May, 2023

Zak Schwarzman named to Globe St.'s 40 Under 40 in the CRE category


Jun, 2023

Technology Addressing Emissions In The Built Environment is published

Jul, 2023


These are some of MetaProp’s highlights reported by the media. For extended, up-to-date coverage make sure to visit our Press section.