Jerry Coleman

Jerry Coleman

Venture Advisor

Jerry Coleman is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for developing and growing companies on a national scale. A talented leader with over 20 years of experience in real estate, Jerry has founded and cultivated several successful real estate ventures throughout the U.S.

As a co-founder of Invitation Homes, Jerry was one of the pioneers in the institutional single-family rental industry. Jerry partnered with the private equity firm Blackstone Group to form Invitation Homes, bringing in more than $10 billion dollars in investment to the largest single-family home rental portfolio in U.S. history. Invitation has recently filed for an IPO. Jerry is also co-founder of Alliance Investment Group, which has acquired and entitled, developed and help over 10,000 acres of land in Southwest. He also created the Arizona Residential Fund that acquired, sold and managed groups of single-family homes.

In 2014, Jerry co-founded Elevations Solar, aiming to put the power back in their customers’ hands by creating a unique solar ownership experience that delivers innovative energy solutions and increased real estate value.

Most recently, Jerry founded Offerpad, a premium online platform that revolutionizes how people sell their homes by eliminating the hassle and uncertainty of the traditional home selling process. Offerpad buys homes directly from consumers – skipping the painful traditional process.

Through each of these ventures, Jerry strives to provide more opportunities and jobs for the local economy.

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