MetaProp Brand Assets


The digital assets, including the photography, brand, and logos, found on this page are the exclusive property of MetaProp and are provided for press agencies and journalists for use in newspapers, trade publications, and similar media about MetaProp, its affiliates, its products and services. Any other use of these digital assets is strictly prohibited, including for personal or commercial purposes. Use of these digital assets are subject to the Asset Guidelines as set forth below.

Asset Guidelines

• The digital assets should be used in association with a published report or article about MetaProp, its products or services.

• All photography must have the proper credits as set forth within each digital asset, if any are provided.

• The digital assets may not be altered in any way or combined with other logos.

• If you have any questions about the use of these digital assets, please contact us (here).


MetaProp Partners
Headshots and Bios

Zach Aarons

Co-Founder & General Partner

Aaron Block

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Zak Schwarzman

Co-Founder & General Partner